Mission Statement:
“To be the industry’s most efficient extended-stay hotel company by providing excellent service for guests and a healthy return for our investors.”

The People That Make It All Happen






Thomas Scott

Upon gaining degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science he entered the Construction Industry. For the next 12 years he progressed until he owned and managed a successful construction company. He branched into the field of Real Estate Sales and worked in San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Excelling in finance allowed him to help many investors acquire, manage, sell and prosper using various kinds of investment properties. He often managed those properties for his clients.

He became a expert at repairing failing investments and worked as a manager to investors who had failing properties. In the early 90’s he began investing exclusively for his own company which eventually became Equitable Investments, LLC.

In 2010 Equitable Investments, LLC was involved in Discounted Mortgage Notes and Foreclosures. As the profits in that industry began drying up the companies’ research department focused on finding the most successful companies in the Hotel/Motel Renovation Industry. In 2012 the company joined several other companies that were focused on the acquisition and restoration of troubled hotels and/or motels. They now specialize in a special niche which provides the ROI that suites their standards.

Tom has guided Equitable Investments, LLC into this special type of real estate market with a great deal of success.

He has always prided himself by helping investors get a great return on their investment while removing most of the risk. He sees this market lasting for the next 3 to 4 years. As he says “…the profits are like those in the great foreclosure market of the 2007 to 2009 era…”


Jenina Scott

Using her education in Communications she worked for a large broadcasting company as a producer and coordinator on a national platform. Later she entered the movie making industry as a producer of many government funded documentaries.

As an investor she was able to learn about the various components of investing. As a principal of a group of investors a  Non-Profit organization was formed. Their aim was to create/produce aids for vision handicapped children. While there she was a dynamic force in the company getting grants from large corporations to fund their creations, publications and distribution of their aids to the school children.

She later attained a BS degree in Nursing and became a senior Nurse at the largest hospital group in San Diego, CA. While working in the Health Industry she continued investing. She found investing in real estate a great way to get an excellent return. She invests in real estate and real estate related vehicles and has become one of the main Managing Members in Equitable Investments, LLC.


Felisa Maranan

Felisa graduated from college with a BA in Industrial Engineering and continued her education in Business Administration.

Upon entering the workforce she advanced quickly in each position she entered. During the first ten years of gaining experience she attained great success in Marketing and Sales. Her supervisors attribute her success to her hard work ethic, talent and her infectious positive motivation.

From one of her supervisors “…she always has a very positive attitude that makes you feel good just being around her…”

We feel she is special because she has the ability to make our clients feel special by helping them understand the many components of our business through her personal touch.

She keeps the company running smoothly through her countless hours of dedication. She does all this while raising two active children and being wife of her loving husband Jigs.


Pretzel Monteclaro

After receiving her BS in Computer Science Pretzel entered the Hotel Industry. For ten years she gained extensive experience earned a management position with the Radisson Blu Hotel. Her former supervisors felt her advancement was due to her dedication, passion and hard work.

According to her current manager “…Pretzel joined our firm and has exhibited excellent character, natural leadership skills and outstanding analytical ability.”  Joining Equitable Investments, Pretzel brought with her a couple of  outstanding work slogans: “Satisfy your customer and the company will grow” and “ Give it your best until it becomes a habit and you will do it for the rest of your life.”  “…We hardily embrace both philosophies…We feel very fortunate to have Pretzel managing our Property Analysis Department. ” according to her manager.

Not only has Pretzel accomplished all the above but she is an outstanding mother of 4 and wife of her supportive husband Brian.




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San Diego, CA 92126

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