Phase I of the rehab.

Our Newest Purchased Hotel

This hotel in located in Phoenix, Arizona. It has a great location just West of Scottsdale Arizona. Furthermore the location is in direct view of travelers stopped at the exit signal from a major freeway. While traveling North or South on that same freeway the sign is easily seen and at night will out shine all others


    A BIGGER RETURN THAN YOUR BANK PAYS The return we pay for Private Investors is a lot greater than what  a bank will pay you. Consider the graph which shows a comparison of  getting a 2% return on your investment(that is more than banks are  currently paying) verses 10% which is what we pay most of

We Buy Hotels

As a private investor I have always considered five major points: 1 The safety of the investment – will I be able to get my money out of the project if I have an emergency? 2 The skill level of the managers – Do the managers of the project have a solid track record? 3