Phase I of the rehab.

Our Newest Purchased Hotel

This hotel in located in Phoenix, Arizona. It has a great location just West of Scottsdale Arizona. Furthermore the location is in direct view of travelers stopped at the exit signal from a major freeway. While traveling North or South on that same freeway the sign is easily seen and at night will out shine all others

Samples Of Hotels

You will find several examples of hotels bought over the last four years using our program model.  Brief comments accompany each photograph. Some of the hotels have been sold and others are still being held at this time. The addresses have been removed in order to avoid disruption of the ongoing operations. Each hotel is held as an


    A BIGGER RETURN THAN YOUR BANK PAYS The return we pay for Private Investors is a lot greater than what  a bank will pay you. Consider the graph which shows a comparison of  getting a 2% return on your investment(that is more than banks are  currently paying) verses 10% which is what we pay most of

Learn While You Earn

LEARN WHILE YOU EARN Start as a Private Investor XXwith us and learn to become a General Partner while you earn a great return on your investment. When you are involved with the ownership of one of our hotels you are able to learn many of the details of our Hotel Restoration Model. Over the

Post No. 1

What to do with the hotel after the remodeling is complete? It can be sold for a much larger price than it was bought for or it can be managed for the great cash flow. It will depend on what you are going to do next. If you enjoy turning an under performing hotel into