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You will find several examples of hotels bought over the last five years using our business model.  Brief comments accompany each photograph. Some of the hotels have been sold and others are still being held at this time. The addresses have been removed in order to avoid disruption of the ongoing operations. Each hotel is held as an separate entity according to the laws of the state in which it abides.


columbia-TN_Expanded1160This beautiful 120 room hotel was found and purchased using our proven methods in 2013.  It is located in Columbia, Tennessee. The repairs to the building were mostly cosmetic. Upon taking control of the property  most of the staff members were retrained and a few were replaced with more qualified people.  This hotel showed a positive cash flow in the first month after the close of escrow.

Converting it to a Blue Collar Hotel went smoothly and was very successful.  Upon completing our       comprehensive employee retraining program along with our advanced Management training occupancy began increasing rapidly.  In a short time this hotel became an extremely successful investment.

When we find a hotel that interests us, our staff dedicates many hours checking out the property. We are not satisfied until we can see the potential to increase the occupancy in the hotel. We only become involved with a property when we find the following:


  *    In a safe area

  *    Passes our 27 item check off list

  *    Is under performing compared with similar hotels in the area

  *    We can get it for price that will benefit our investors needs

  *    It is a sound structure


silver-springs-florida_Expanded1160This  hotel was found and purchased using our methodology. It is located in Silver Springs, Florida next to the large Ocala National Forest. The local area is known for it’s great recreational facilities.  The area attracts both exercise enthusiasts along with families out for a leisurely time.

 Our extended stay program allows guests to be able to spend the time doing lots of water sports, hiking and sight-seeing  while controlling their costs. They can cook quick meals, warm leftovers and save on the high cost of eating out. Our pricing structure helps them stay within budget so they can afford to go on family vacation more often.

Like most of our properties the repairs to this building were not of a major nature.   Upon taking over the staff were all retrained and the standards were raised. Most of the employees accepted the higher level of excellence we demand, in a friendly way. Our marketing plan was implemented and it immediately increased the occupancy rate.


Victoria, Texas

Bought in 2010

 In 2010 this hotel was only 2 years old when it was found and purchased. It is Located in Victoria, Texas. The area is known as the hub between Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi.

 There are now both executive rooms and suites. Our suites are furnished with the most important comforts our clients miss when they are away from home. Our Blue Collar Worker clients are on a job from a few weeks to as much as a year. They often go home for the weekend so we accommodate their needs.  We provide them with a home away from home feeling which helps to make their work style a little easier for them. 

We also provide a list of local function, activities and events for our Extend-a Suites guests who can’t get home for the weekend or have their families visit them.

 When we find a property that interests us  we send our inspection team to the property to view the entire building, site, surrounding facilities and the other hotels/motels in the area.  Knowing all we can about a hotel lets us formulate a great turn-around plan.  From our findings we will compose an offer for the owner.  

When we open an escrow on an accepted agreement we then bring in many trades and professionals to do another round of inspections during the due diligence period.  With bids in-hand the          necessary improvements are all but scheduled and ready to go.


meridian-MS_Expanded1160This former Quality Inn hotel was found and acquired, using our business plan model, in 2013. It has 112 rooms and at the time was under-performing.

 It is located in Meridian, Missouri in an area that has great traffic and all the amenities that we demand. Like most of our properties, there is a refreshing swimming pool that adds to the appeal and functionality of the hotel. Along with our this hotel providing a vacation atmosphere we also provide our guests and their families with information about various local activities and functions, in the community. With our information in hand they can explore and have fun doing so.   

Properties that interest us have a sound physical structure or as we call it “good bones.” Special care is taken when we send our inspection team to do a physical examination of the property prior to making an offer.


san-antonio-texas_Expanded1160 This hotel is located in San Antonio, Texas.  There is a very inviting swimming pool, quiet grounds, meeting rooms and both rooms and suites. A suite has an extra-large refrigerator, large microwave and plush bed(s) which appeal to our blue-collar workers and their families.  Many of our clientele, temporary workers staying in the area, prefer to staying with us because we provide more of a home atmosphere.  That includes Wi-Fi, cable TV and HBO all at no charge.

We believe in under promising and over delivering to make the experience unforgettable. Seems like an awful lot of our guests like what they get and come back.

Properties that interest us must first be in a very desirable location and have a sound physical structure or as we call it “good bones.”  Special care is taken when our team does a complete physical inspection prior to placing an offer on a prospective hotel.


west-memphis_Expanded1160This lovely hotel is located in West Memphis, Arkansas, about 7 miles from Downtown Memphis, Tn.  It was a Howard Johnson Hotel when purchased.

There are 114 rooms which includes quality standard rooms, extended stay suites and meeting rooms. Like most of our hotels, it has a swimming pool and an on site laundry which helps our guests feel at home. The extended stay suites are particularly appealing to our blue-collar clientele. Standouts are a spacious room, oversized refrigerator, free wi-fi and a plush bed you sink into.

This hotel has all the amenities that appeal to the casual travelers plus a few extras for our main clients, blue-collar workers and their families.

Properties that interest us must have a sound physical structure or as we call it “good bones” and a highly desirable location. Special care is taken when we do our complete physical  inspections; prior to placing an offer and another during the escrow period on each property.


Many Ways For You To Ge Involved

Some of our Private Investors choose to become part of the ownership while they provide funds towards the purchase of the hotel. We have investors that want to learn how our operation works so they an go do it themselves. No better way to learn than copy someone who is extremely successful.  We welcome and encourage our VIP CLUB members to participate at whatever level fits their goals. Other members choose to get a steady return on the loan they make towards the purchase of the hotel. That is okay also.

What To Do With Your Questions?

After viewing this sampling of hotels you may have more questions about our operations, the model we follow, our subcontractors we use to do this business or how you can get involved. Use our “Contact Us” page and you will be able to talk to one of our representatives.

Thanks for taking your valuable time to give us a look.

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