*As a member of the INVESTORS VIP CLUB you are entitled to many valuable service and benefits. You will have several ways to participate in one of Equitable Investment, LLC’s investment opportunities.

You can become and “Active” or “Passive” Investor. There are three levels of financial commitment you can choose from. We also encourage you to use our “Learn While You Earn” informal program.

You will need to be an **Accredited Investor as per the standards set by the SEC Rule 506 (c)(as of May 2016). If you do not know if you are an Accredited Investor, contact us and we will let you  know. We do not practice law but we let you know if you qualify for our program.


  • ACTIVE INVESTOR – You will have an active roll in the hotel restoration and/or management as assigned by the Managing Member. You will need to consult with your CPA, Attorney and/or Financial Adviser.
  • PASSIVE INVESTOR – After your initial vetting of our project your first participation is during the open escrow period. At a point in time you will be asked to tender funds to the escrow company located near the hotel being purchased. You will be receiving reports and meant to keep you abreast of the restoration, operations and progress of the project.


  •    Primary Investor – Investing $250,001 and up
    •  Get to see, close up, how we do and entire hotel restoration and re-positioning cycle
    •  Take advantage of this blossoming market before others flood in 
    •  Get passive or active income treatment
    •  No long term commitments like government treasury bonds/notes and low yields
    •  Get monthly reports instead of quarterly or 6 month summaries
    •  Build a trusting relationship with our successful company for now and into the future
    •  Have questions? You will have access to and assigned a representative on that project
    •  The potential of earing a much higher return than at your bank 
    •  Meet other like-minded investors 
    •  Can learn and evolve from a Private Lender to a General Partner if you choose to do so
    •  Belong to a very select and highly admired group in the US
    •  Be a power broker 
    •  Create a legacy of security for your family and/or charity.

                     NOTE:  The category of Primary Investor is generally on attributed to an investor that fully funds a typical hotel restoration.

  •    Entry Investor –  Investing from $50,000 to $150,000
  •    Secondary Investor – Investing from $150,001 to $250,000

                       NOTE:  Entry Investors and Secondary Investors enjoy many of the same benefits and privileges the Primary                                                              Investor receives. For more details contact us at 1 – (888) 412-2849 or email us at:  EquitableInvestmentsLLC1@gmail.com


If you decide you want to become an Active Investor and enter our Learn While You Earn Program we will guide you through more of the details that occur during the entire process; from the offering, escrow period, taking possession of the hotel, staff training, setting up our new management system, construction and administration of the entire project other than propitiatory and trade secrets. There is not extra fees for this service. We encourage our members to learn more about how this entire process works. In the end you may feel that you want to take an entire project on by yourself. We encourage doing that. We know you will be doing it right and that helps the entire Hotel Industry.


We are sure we can design a plan that is right for you. From strictly arm chair to hands-on . We are sure you will have truly unique and very exciting experience.  For more information about how each of these programs work contact one of our representatives at 1-(888) 412-2849. They will be glad to take time to help you find the type of involvement that is right for you.



  •                 Fill out our application (visit our FREE eBOOK page) – mostly contact info: Name, Phone, email
  •                 Talk to one of our investment representatives – see if you will feel comfortable working with us
  •                 Have our board be informed about the meeting and recommendations made by your representative.
  •                 Based on both parties, you and Equitable Investments, llC, you are offered membership

To guarantee you will be able to get one of the remaining slots in our INVESTOR’S VIP CLUB  contact us now at 1 – (888) 412-2849. Don’t wait because there is a limit to the number of members we can work with. We do a select number of hotel  restorations each year. That means there are a limited number of opportunities we offer during a year. In order to make sure our members get to participate we limit the membership. Don’t be shut out act now and reserve your membership.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Thomas Scott

Managing Member of

Equitable Investment, LLC

*The information contained herein is being provided to you for informational purposes only and is not, and may not be relied on in any manner as, legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in an investment vehicle sponsored or organized by Equitable Investments LLC or its affiliates or any other security, which may only be made pursuant to the delivery of the related investment vehicle organizational and offering documents. This document is only intended to be sent to an **Accredited Investor” according to the NEW definition in March 2016 by the SEC amended rules enacted in 1933

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