Our Newest Purchased Hotel

Basic structure is sound.

Mostly cosmetic changes. Some wood replacement.

This hotel in located in Phoenix, Arizona. It has a great location just West of Scottsdale Arizona. Furthermore the location is in direct view of travelers stopped at the exit signal from a major freeway. While traveling North or South on that same freeway the sign is easily seen and at night will out shine all others in the area.



Remodeling Our New Hotel




There are over 100 rooms and the building seems very sound with a few cosmetic issues to deal with in the beginning. Main remodeling will include the following: 



  1.   Painting building and rooms
  2.    Replacement/Repair of the Fixtures, Furnishings and Other Equipment (FF&E)
  3.    Room repairs: walls, flooring, electrical and plumbing
  4.    New signage
  5.    Retraining/retraining of the staff 
  6.     Extending the Hotel Management’s duties.
  7.     Implement our company policies and programs.


Thomas H Scott

Managing Member


PHASE III (Post date:  6-10-17. For Phases I & II, see below)  We have been working with the staff and implemented our new procedures.

It took a bit of work but things are running much smoother now and we were able to correct the supplies issue.  The pool us up an running and the moral of the employees is very good. Several major items have been ordered and purchased for the hotel.

PHASE II  (Post date:  5-10-17.  For Phase I, see below)   Upon taking over the hotel we made the following changes: new management policies, cosmetic & major/minor construction repairs and new company policies.

We have now begun the major remodeling part of our “Improvement Model.” New Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment(FF&E), and the other proprietary improvements. We will be remodeling and redecorating for the insides of the building, now.

Stop by in a week or two to see what our new rooms will look like. We’ll show the contrast of the new look vs. the old look at that time.


PHASE I   We were able to help the existing owner reach his goals. He needed to have someone buy this hotel so he could move on to his next project. We were glad to help him and at the same time help ourselves. It is always enjoy doing deals that help the owner accomplish his goals in a timely manner.

Dealing with overall appearance and giving a quick face lift.  Note the new paint job. While many other projects are being started the building gets some major repairs done and a brand new look.

We started to paint and repairs right away


















Many jobs to do but fresh coat of paint does wonders. In person it looks great.

Well that part is done. Still lots to do. I’ll keep you posted.  Tom



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