Who Is Equitable Investments,LLC?

Equitable Investments, LLC is located in San Diego, California. The founders have successfully been in business there for the past 17 years.

Their business focuses on newly developing niche markets that revolve around real estate. A large amount of research and analysis goes into determining if a market is going to meet their strict guidelines and demand for an excellent Return On Investment, ROI.  Once a market place has been deemed suitable and test cases have supported the findings of the research, production begins.

What They Invest In

Burgeoning markets often have little competition and this allows Equitable Investments, LLC to find excellent investment opportunities that generate outstanding returns. The main quality Equitable Investments, LLC brings to the table is the ability to find and analyze ideal properties quickly. Once they have inspected a property and determined it fits their model they put it under contract.

The Private Investor’s VIP Club

Members of the VIP CLUB are then notified and, upon request by a member, sent a Pro Forma Income Statements for the property. The VIP CLUB members are a group of investors that provide financing and/or become partners in Equitable Investment, LLC’s projects.

Their “Model” Process

Once an escrow has closed and possession of the hotel has transferred to our new corporation, five companies descend onto the hotel. These five companies perform the following duties:

  1. Interview all staff members, including management
  2. Commence a thorough education program
  3. Our patented and unique marketing plan is put into motion
  4. Our new hotel reservation system is installed
  5. Construction work begins
  6. Our accounting firm begins functioning
  7. Monthly reports to our investors, partners and the Equitable Investments, LLC begin
  8. Our security system is installed

Join The Company and/or Get More Information

This is who Equitable Investments, LLC is, what they do and how they do it. If you have questions about our company or on how to become involved with Equitable Investments, LLC see our Q & A web page, or see our “Contact Us” page in the menu at the top of this page.

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