*Start as a Private Investor with us and learn to become a General Partner when you invest with us in one of our opportunities. When you are involved with the ownership of one of our hotels you are able to learn many of the details of our Hotel Restoration Model. Over the course of a restoration cycle you will be able to put together a program for yourself. Should you decide to take on a project with you as the General Partner you will have a great outline to follow.

If you flipped houses or know the process then hotel restoration is the industry you already know about. When you took a property that was “in trouble” and fixed it up and then sold it for a very good profit you flipped it. All the principals and skills you used flipping houses are very similar with hotels.  There are a few additional skills needed to do what we do with hotels but the basics, you already know. Note the similar procedures between house restoration vs hotel restoration and the goals:


  •                 Is the market still viable
  •                 Create sources to help you find the “troubled” hotel
  •                 When you find a prospective hotel inspect its issues
  •                 Get to know the value after restoration
  •                 Cost out the work to be done
  •                 After restoration costs will our profit goal be met
  •                 Will having cash flow of $10,000/month + be OK


Get an inspector
Gets comps
Get estimates
Can you sell it for a profit
Major difference here

If you decide to become involved in one of our investment opportunities as a Private Lender you will be able to learn the way we accomplish the previous list of steps. You’ll be there watching each step and receiving regular reports.

One of the differences between hotels and houses is we must administrate the hotel before, during and after the restoration period. We often keep a hotel because they can generate a large cash flow and that allows us to complete the restoration and pay back our great investors. The next list of items is what you will be able to learn by being involved with your investment:

  •                 What reservation system we use that saves big money
  •                 How we retrain our staff from the day we take possession
  •                 Why our marketing strategy causes concern and envy with the other hotels in the area
  •                 What unique decorations allow us to stand out so well
  •                 How we drive our occupancy rate up so fast
  •                 What kind of “Key” employee we hire that puts us over the top

I’m sure you will learn many more details about out operation. Please be clear, we do not do it all ourselves. We have a team of some  of the finest companies in the business who help us complete a project in a very short time.

We buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices,should we decide to sell. It is part of our business model. That same principal was in the foreclosure market that ended a few years ago. If learning how to do it while being invested one of our hotel restorations  interest you Act Now!

We don’t do hundreds of hotels each month. That means you may be one of the investors that we build a successful relationship with. We have a limited number of hotels we do at any one time. Thus we have a limited number of **Accredited Investor members we can invite to join our VIP CLUB. Membership may close at any time. The club members are the ones we submit a prospectus to on any new hotel we put under contract. Move now and call us at 1-(888) 412-2849 to start the process of becoming involved in a great opportunity in the hotel business. Remember, like the foreclosure business, this window of opportunity will close when too many companies are trying to duplicate what we do so well.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you real soon.

Thanks for your valuable time.

*The information contained herein is being provided to you for informational purposes only and is not, and may not be relied on in any manner as, legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in an investment vehicle sponsored or organized by Equitable Investments LLC or its affiliates or any other security, which may only be made pursuant to the delivery of the related investment vehicle organizational and offering documents.

**[That term is defined under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended]