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We dedicate this page to our private lenders because many of our projects could not be completed without the members of our VIP CLUB taking advantage of the great opportunities we create for them. Thank you.




Our investment opportunities involve real estate in the form of an individual hotel. We know our business exceptionally well. Our specialty is finding properties that are underperforming, in good areas, and buy them. We then implement our 7 step Rahab/Reposition Program and cause the income, thus the hotel’s value, to rise significantly. Some we keep and some we sell.

We have many ways to finance a project but one of our favorites is through member(s) of our VIP CLUB, our group of private lenders. Should you become a member of the club you will be made aware of any new hotel projects in need of funding. You can choose to become involved or pass on each project. If you choose to become involved in a project you will be able to do so as an active or passive investor. We have programs which allow you to do either or a bit of both.

One thing all our VIP Club Members have in common; in all of our hotel opportunities, we offer the potential of making a much greater return on their investment than they are offered by with their bank or other large institutions where their accounts are.

OUR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES (Examples of hotels acquired in the past)
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1   Submit an application for our VIP CLUB – In order to meet the SEC and other governmental regulations, you will need
to be classified as an accredited or sophisticated investor. This means you must be experienced enough and financially
secure to know about both risks and rewards.

2   A company representative will then meet with you so you can get to know us ask questions you may have. If we both decide
we want to pursue building a relationship then your name will be entered into the VIP CLUB membership roster. The number of
members is limited so each member has an opportunity to invest. We are a family owned business and have a steady flow of
opportunities but we do not do a huge volume.

3   You will be asked about the areas of the US that you are interested in or areas that you are not interested in.

4   We want to know what your interests and expectations are. We will show you why we are so successful and how you can
take advantage of our success to build your investment portfolio.

5   We want to custom fit our opportunity to you, your attorney’s and CPA’s needs as best we can. When we have a property
under contract we will fill out a prospectus and notify you by asking if you are willing and able to act on it at this time? If
you reply that you are, we send you a copy of the prospectus. The only thing we ask is that you do not visit the property unless
we clear it with the owners first.

6   When you decide to become involved in the opportunity we send you any missing details in the prospectus and a
preliminary agreement form.

7    The other steps are discussed in the “getting to know each other” phase.

We would love to hear from you and have you become one of our active members of the VIP CLUB. If you are interested in receiving more information about our VIP CLUB and/or about Equitable Investments, LLC.,  please see our “About Us” page and give us a call or send us an email. Thank you for your valuable time.

*The information contained herein is being provided to you for informational purposes only and is not, and may not be relied on in any manner as, legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in an investment vehicle sponsored or organized by Equitable Investments LLC or its affiliates or any other security, which may only be made pursuant to the delivery of the related investment vehicle organizational and offering documents.

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